How could we see the amount of liquidity provider's injection and drains for each pool?

How could we see the amount of liquidity provider’s injection and drains for each pool?
How do we get historical data for every pool ?
My aim is to compare price adjustment with LP’s liquidity injections/drains.
Could you help me?


Check the main Pangolin contract account. It has all transactions, swaps and staking activity. From the swap data you can calculate price.


Dear BobbyC

1- How could I calculate price from swap data ?
(Amount of coin Beta) / (Amount of coin Alfa) is price of Alfa ?

2-PangolinRouter (0xE54Ca86531e17Ef3616d22Ca28b0D458b6C89106) - Avalanche Explorer
is very complex, how could I convert each transaction file to basic swap pairs ? For example 4 Avax to 4.28 Link ( r or python code)

3- When we add liquidity to pools, is price changed ?

Dr. Engin YILMAZ

It’s a good idea to establish your own node first and than crawl through all the transactions and collecting the ones you’re interested in. If you don’t roughly know how to do that it’s probably wise to take a coding course.

Dear Bobby

I could establish my node and I have some middle level python skills but I’m not developer.
You or other pangolin developers could help me.
We could publish my work from here for new users or press.


I’m not an AVAX developer just a user. If you want more details on how to analyze transactions then your best bet is the website.

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