How can we inform the AVAX holders in different CEX es about farming and getting weekly interest on Pangolin?

There are many CEXes in the world.How many of them list AVAX i dont know.How can we inform all AVAX holders to bring their AVAX to PANGOLİN and put in Liquitation pairs? Another question of mine is,is it for the benefit of the Liquidity providers to have more people who provide too? Or is it better to be less providers in the system?

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Ava-labs team is doing this already to a certain degree with their announcements, clubhouse style discussions, tweets and general newsletters.

The point here could be to create dedicated marketing/sales resourcing for Pangolin through the community funding.

Some users obviously don’t even stake/delegate their AVAX, so a dedicated person/group of people could be tasked to identify these cases and market to them.