How about we build a p2p fiat-crypto trading platform?

Maybe Pangolin can adopt a localbitcoins / style p2p fiat-crypto trading platform that requires burning PNG to use? This would give PNG a real usecase.

Imagine if you have a reputation system, based on how many transactions you perform and how many times people upvote you after a transaction. It would be hard to manipulate this if part of the process included having to burn PNG. This would create reliable sellers, whos trustworthiness is stored on the blockchain.

You could trade with bank wires, cash in mail, etc… And there could be a decentralized escrow system, where crypto is locked until fiat is received, and where if a conflict occurs, a third party (maybe a PNG holder or multiple of them) could come in and resolve a dispute. It could be a 3/5 PNG holder dispute resolution thing.

Trading cash for crypto reliably on a liquid market is a HIGHLY demanded usecase, as it circumvents KYC, and is the perfect compliment to a DEX. It also gives PNG a usecase that could increase its value in a positive sum environment.


There’s a reason why the big exchanges delisted privacy coins. If Pangolin allows circumvention of KYC and becomes a platform for money launderers and fraudsters, we can say goodbye to any cooperation from Avalanche, legitimate exchanges and any other projects.

You’ll force all the devs to go underground or vanish.

This isn’t PirateBay. :smile: