Hire team, burn 30% emission, CEX listing

hi All,

Now PNG Reward distribution proposal has passed voting successfully can we start voting for 3 key proposals? Can someone from core Avalabs team post it on snapshot please?


YES the time is precious, let’s go, we need 3 propositions to vote quickly.

  • Integration on different CEX is first one
  • We have money, we should use that to have more peoples in team (software, marketing, design, news, community, and meme director)
  • Burn is really important, we need a process to PNG is buy and burn like CZ with BNB but in decentralised version

Like if you agree :raised_hands::gem::raised_hands:

Now you can vote for your favorite proposition :

  • Proposition n°1 : :+1:
  • Proposition n°2 : :+1:
  • Proposition n°3 : :+1:

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CEX is being worked on in the background folks. Be patient :slight_smile:


We love it baby ! PNG to the moon! :rocket:

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