Glitch in the Participating Pool section?

Hey there, I’m in two different liquidity pools (AVAX/PNG and PEFI/PNG). Once I joined the PEFI/PNG pool, it now shows that most other liquidity pools would earn me 0% in the spot where it says “Earn Up To (Yearly)”. This occurred after I invested into the PEFI/PNG pool. Any idea what’s going on?

It even shows that I’m earning 0% now for AVAX/PNG pool when I know that’s not the case because the amount of PNG I’m currently earning is roughly 90% not 0%…long story short I’m still earning PNG but the %'s arn’t showing correctly for the different types of pools. I’ve tried accessing the website/app through different computers and refreshing my Metamask wallet too.


I have noticed it too? 969,410 PNG / week (AVAX-PNG pool) but percentage is 0%

Hmm, the issue seemed to have fixed itself after posting this…See if it’s working on your end too.

It was a display issue. Should be fixed now