Glitch in "Pangolin Analytics"?

Hey there, I’ve entered into 2 different liquidity pools to start earning PNG token. The only issue is I can’t see my amount or position ($) in any other pools under the “Pangolin Analytics” webpage other than the AVAX/PNG pool. I know that I’m in other pools because I’m still earning PNG from both pools and not just one.

I’ve ensured I’m looking at the “All Positions” tab when viewing in the “Pangolin Analytics” webpage, but still only see my AVAX/PNG position and none others. The other positions/pools I’m in appear in the “Positions” area but it shows $0 to the pools (other than the AVAX/PNG). Help?


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Are you still having issues? Please come to discord for support

I am, now the “Pangolin Analytics” webpage shows $0 for all positions on all my pools…yet I still have my positions because I can see them in the “PNG” tab of the app (still earning PNG). Any idea what’s going on?

discord or telegram are definitely the best platforms to get quick support.

our subgraph (which provides the data for Pangolin Analytics) is currently undergoes some big updates required to support the migration. this will take a few days