Gitcoin and providing for the greater public good

One of the challenges I’m personally very interested in is how do we provide mechanisms for public goods on Avalanche.

In sovereign nations, generally governments provide public goods with the proceeds from taxation. In the blockchain world this gets slightly more complicated. There is no government, but the need for public goods still exists.

A project I greatly admire is trying to solve this problem. Gitcoin provides an ability to fund public goods on Ethereum.

A very simple explanation would be that, a grant is proposed for a public good, in this example, let’s use Education.

These public goods are included in a sponsored round. So for example, Pangolin may sponsor a round.

People then vote on how much they would like to fund that Grant and then those funds are matched by Pangolin to bring that public good into existence.

I’m currently in discussions with the Gitcoin team to bring decentralised grants onto Avalanche.

I’d love to understand some of what public goods we should be bringing to Avalanche and how best to achieve it.

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Love this idea. I’m passionate about financial education and I think financial education, in particular around cryptocurrency, is much needed.