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We are talking with listing agents at to get the PNG token listed for trade on their exchange. is ranked as the #8 CEX on and #13 on

Why should we get PNG listed on
Getting PNG listed on a large centralized exchange like will add liquidity to the PNG token, as well as increase the number of users holding and trading PNG. It can also bring more users into the Avalanche ecosystem through deposits and withdraws onto the Avalanche C-Chain. This type of exposure of PNG to a wider audience would be great for both Pangolin and Avalanche as a whole.

How much will it cost?
There is a minimum marketing spend of $100k USD, which will be paid out of the marketing and operations budget of our multi-sig wallet in PNG. This is 78,125 PNG at the time of this writing (1 PNG = $1.28)

What will the funds be used for? has a default list of marketing promotions they will do for us.

  • Listing Vote
  • Deposit Activities
  • Social Media Tasks
  • Giveaways
  • Interactive activities (ex: AMA)
  • Community events
  • Lock-up events
  • Web banners
  • Official Announcements
  • Social Media & Partner Media

Details in this PDF

Is this a normal amount to spend on marketing for a listing?
Yes, we checked with the Verso Finance team and they spent a similar amount on marketing to get the VSO token listed on

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