Frontend is terrible

I have a really bad experience with the frontend.
The UI is still the old UI copied from Uniswap.
It’s aways very slow lo load any page, to load the balance, to load the pools I have liquidity.
The plots on charts section takes ages to load.
The WAVAX / week in PNG staking always shows 0.

Getting worst every time.


The team is working hard on the new UI. From the snippets I’ve seen it looks spectacular. Be patient and the UI you are looking for will be here soon.

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Yeah but in the meanwhile at least the current version should work smoothly.
I can’t see the APR in Staking and I can’t see the WAVAX/week.
The team is paid millions of $ and they can’t properly maintain the frontend? Embarassing IMO. And then we complain there is less TVL than traderjoe.