Financial planning for the next 6 months

As part of our Financial planning, we’d like to plan for the next 6 months. While we understand that in DeFi planning that far ahead isn’t going to 100% accurate. We still think it’s prudent to do so to ensure we are prepared for any market shocks or any externalities we can’t account for.

Let’s look at the following:

These are our big ticket items. Let’s talk about each of them individually.


We have started our Bond’s program with Olympus Pro and are looking to further accelerate this. We would like to use 3 million PNG over the next 6 months to really accelerate our movement to Protocol Owned Liquidity

Burn rate

This is the amount of money we spend on running the day to day operations of Pangolin. You can see the following updates for more transparency:

This would mean we’d have enough money to continue running operations for the next 6 months

Core team allocation

I’ve spoken at length about this, but without a healthy incentive mechanism we will not be able to attract and retain skilled resources.

I propose to take 6 million PNG vested over 4 years to incentivize Pangolin’s core team. This is 2.6% of the total PNG supply. This is miniscule in comparison to other projects. For comparison Trader Joe’s is 20%.

Please see here for a more comprehensive explanation of the Founders tokens.


We will set aside 1 million PNG for advisors. This is 0.44% of our total PNG supply. As an example Trader Joe’s is 10%.

With this proposal we will have the following additional Multisig wallets:

  • Bonds
  • Core team
  • Advisors

Please see here for details on the members of our multisig.

This will then leave the Pangolin Treasury in the following situation:

While it appears this will leave us short, you must remember that ~18 million PNG will be diverted to the Treasury as seen here which means in the next 6 months we will be able to revise and adjust


Thanks for creating this for transparency Justin.

To clarify for any other community members reading this, they might get confused by the wording ‘burn-rate’ which could be construed as burning tokens, but actually refers to day-to-day development expenditures.

2.6% to incentivize the core team seems healthy and reasonable especially in comparison to other protocols. As long as we have safety mechanisms in place to prevent downward sell pressure, then this will help for the future of Pangolin’s development.

Solid proposal.