Easy Bidding Process

Recently a post was made to discuss the need to diversify the PNG treasury. I advocated for a soft bidding process. Where members of the community offer up their ideas and approaches for Treasury Diversification. It would seem that performance fees and salaried options are viable. If Treasury management and diversification seems like something in your wheelhouse and you have experience and a plan, please post your interest to open up a discussion. Otherwise, there seems to be a default case for leveraging Muhabbit Capital.

Why do we want to diversify our treasury?

  • We currently hold almost 92% of our Treasury in PNG
  • Holding such a major percentage of our Treasury in one token puts us at risk of volatility in the markets
  • If a crypto winter occurs, we want to be able to continue to be able to build and survive through the winter

If you look at Pangolin’s total treasury, you can see it summarized below: