.e assets - understanding the new assets added to PNG

Hi there, I am relatively new to the Pangolin DEX and was providing liquidity for the WAVAX-USDT pair. Logging in today, I saw that I needed to migrate my liquidity tokens. I withdrew my PGL, converted them to the underlying assets and was then prompted to upgrade the USDT as the token was depreciated. After doing so, the token no longer shows up in my wallet and my balance for USDT is 0 in the swap tab of PNG, however I do see that it is now USDT.e and have noticed .e attached to most assets offered on PNG in the new pools. I couldn’t find any threads regarding this update and was wondering where I can go to learn about the .e assets, why they were added and how they are different etc.


Please read this, specifically the section titled “Why are there two types of the same token? How can I tell which one derives from the Avalanche Bridge?


Hey you can learn more in this article

Or come to telegram or discord to ask questions


Thanks for the recommendation

Thanks for the help!