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Hello, my name is Andrew Cooper - I have been hired as a digital marketing manager for the Pangolin DAO. This is my first official week but I have been helping part-time across the past three weeks.

I wanted to introduce myself and hear suggestions from the community.

About Me:
I’ve been a digital marketer for 9 years working at a award winning ad agencies that have all been acquired by the major ad agency holding companies. My clients tended to be upcoming names in the US for eCommerce (FabFitFun, TooFaced Cosmetics, FastGrowingTrees, GoFundMe) and global tech brands like Citrix.

I specialize in paid ads and worked with a variety of companies that allowed me to build up significant business acumen along the way. This helped me especially in the areas of goal setting and understanding my role in driving business results and not just views or clicks. If I’m not driving new users, more volume, etc then I’m not going to recommend adjustments.

I’ve won awards along the way, particularly being named Search Marketer of the Year in 2019 from searchengineland and helping to earn my agency the Search Agency of the year that same year. I’ve won internal rewards for highest achieving member of the agency as well.

In 2018 I started learning about Ethereum. Until 2020 I was mostly reading and watching from the outside. When I discovered AVAX in 2021 that quickly changed, with the speed and ease of transactions I saw blockchain technology finally feeling usable. I quickly jumped in and started using every protocol I read about, which led me to Pangolin.

About my work at Pangolin:

So far, I’ve taken on the majority of our Twitter marketing. As a community DEX, I see it as a priority to be extremely active in the Twitter community promoting our partners as well as ourselves. Running Twitter Spaces and making a community that sees Pangolin as the experts in DeFi as well as a safe space for them farm.

This week we’ve been working hard to prepare for Tokenomics marketing, between paid media on sites like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Dappradar to ensure that word of our updates spreads as much as possible.

We do have a challenge with paid media, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other large media providers are not pleased with advertising DeFi products currently. So we need to find other ways to reach these users, primarily looking at what drives our traffic currently and can we get more out of those channels?

Future Vision:

We have work to do on goal setting and understanding the user journey from hearing about Pangolin to becoming a power user. We need to answer questions like “Who exactly are we trying to attract as our users? What channels do they spend time on? Where do we currently attract our best users from? What is the value of a new user so we can effectively budget?”. We don’t currently have insights into this and once Tokenomics is finished I see it as a high priority to ensure that our future efforts go towards areas driving the most value for Pangolin.

Channels to expand on:
-Email is currently very under-used, we have direct connection with these users to get to their inbox daily with useful info. Let’s build them up to see Pangolin as a key resource for them.
-LinkedIn is another channel for expansion as Justin has pointed out that we have little presence there and it’s going to be important to attract more traditional partners.
-Evergreen paid media - once we have solid goals and user understanding, my aim is to have ongoing paid ads in key channels to drive reliable and positive ROI new user growth over time.

We have many great marketing minds in the DAO already. I do not want to overshadow them, it’s a priority to continue to allow creative inputs and use the strengths of the community to our advantage.

Contests and community interaction need to remain high. You may see a meme contest and think “is that really worth it” and I believe 100% that it is. People who interact with Pangolin on a deeper level will be more likely to stick around through ups and downs. We need to continue to promote our strong community engagement.

Would love to hear your opinions on our strengths and gaps currently in digital marketing.

I can’t express how excited I am to be a part of this team!


Hi @Coop. First of all, congratulations. Now that you are here, could you make it such that when I google PNG, it shows token and not the image format .png? :stuck_out_tongue:

“We have many great marketing minds in the DAO already. I do not want to overshadow them, it’s a priority to continue to allow creative inputs and use the strengths of the community to our advantage.”

Realy ?

Open a survey on Twitter to see who is the CEO of Pangolin, 80% will give wrong answers.
Bad things are being done in terms of marketing and marketing.

Full time graphic designer is working but we haven’t seen any graphic content.
Don’t ask the community what to do, joe, just imitate what they do.

Hello FoYa, you seem to be mistaken. We do not have a graphic designer on staff currently.

You also seem to think a good gauge of marketing is whether or not someone knows who our CEO is. Is that correct?

How often do you see good companies just copying their competitors strategy and succeeding? Does that seem smart to you?

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Instead of doing nothing, at least do it.
CEO awareness, your success in reaching people is proportional to social media interaction.
Marketing isn’t just about dialogue with avalabs.

AVAX → Emin
ETH → Vitalik
UNI → Hayden
Tesla → Elon
Joe → Joe
Pangolin → ?

Who is Joe? ;-0

I don’t think users knowing who the CEO of a project is will attract more users to the project.

People follow the money

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What if our CEO doesn’t also want to be a celebrity?

Here is a list of what we’re doing since you don’t see it all:

10-20 tweets a day with at least 2-5 marketing our product
1-2 LinkedIn posts a day focused on product and ecosystem updates
Over 5 million views of our press releases and news via a PR agency getting pangolin published in articles across crypto
Search engine optimization on key pages (none was done initially)
Engaging an influencer agency to start in January
Engaging on chain data platforms to better understand who uses our product so we can market to them
Explored paid ads through many platforms but most won’t take DeFi

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Do you believe that what you have done is enough?
It is true that you have been tweeting interactively for the last 1-2 months, but apart from that, it cannot go beyond being a project that continues to remain in the shadow of avalabs and will disappear.

There must have been a lot of pressure from above to post this tweet.

This is a DAO. So while Justin is framed as the CEO for the purposes of approaching traditional organizations, really he is the elected project manager. The projects you compare to are not DAOs and have a central leader.

I do not think whether users know Justin’s identity and role is a fair measure to how well the marketing team is doing. They are analyzing metrics, establishing a brand strategy, and coordinating messaging around the Pangolin brand. They are doing great.

Ps - your argument is kind of invalidated when you say “Joe” is the leader of Trader Joe.

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What I want to say is not knowing his true identity. Say who is the CEO of Pangolin, I’m sure there won’t be many people who know.
If you don’t market the team, you can’t market the product.