Development Updates: New API and Snapshot Integration

Hey everybody! Two quick updates:

  1. I released a new Pangolin API today. It’s pretty simple, but will help us get Pangolin/PNG listed on all your favorite trackers and listing services like DeFi Llama, CoinGecko, etc. with accurate data. The repo lives here: GitHub - pangolindex/pangolin-api: API for querying key values for Pangolin and the PNG token
  2. We’ve integrated with Snapshot! We can now conduct off-chain PNG-weighted polls. I kinda like the idea of creating a new forum room for Snapshot polls. Once you’ve discussed a governance proposal to death, go to the temperature check page and start a poll. If you get enough traction, write the code for the proposal. Here’s the link: Snapshot

Great work! This is fantastic to see.

Will be good for the community to read up on Snapshot Strategies and how they affect the Proposal.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s proposals :slight_smile:

I know people have talked about Quadratic voting and I also like the idea. Here’s a Snapshot strategy for that:

I haven’t personally tried it out, but looks cool.

Great news.
I wonder how will we vote for governance strategy without governance? It’s a chicken-egg problem :sweat_smile:


Connor thanks for the hardwork in the background. we need to establish the governance as soon as possible otherwise pangolin early adapters will suffer and taste the real pain. look, i lost my kidney for pangolin. Especially Xavier, our admin in the group, is already aware of the situation perfectly. You can receive the feedback of the community from him.

I think users should be able to have the voting power from PNG staked.
PNG liquidity is already at risk, if we also remove the staked PNG from voting then bye bye.

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Great, we can use PNG for something now !

Hi Connor,

Can you confirm if voting on snapshots costs any PNG? Is it free?


i voted today and it was free.

Is there any way to get snapshot to include unclaimed PNG in voting weight?

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Awesome! I have been waiting for a smoother way to track png price

It’s normal, we can’t use unclaimed PNG in voting coz this tokens aren’t yours. You need to sign in blockchain to prove that belong to you

And we must take care, if we voted already and we buy new PNG token after, we can’t add this token in the vote.

This is amazing! Thank you very much for your hard work! I just voted for couple of proposals:)

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