Developers, developers, developers!


– Steve Ballmer

Now that I have your attention, first things first:
There is not a single good reason (I am aware of) to burn a single unclaimed PNG. The litepaper simply does not state what happens to unclaimed PNG. Furthermore, everybody that is involved as of today must have considered that all these potentially airdropped PNG might become part of the circulating supply - and not just that, but even within just a month! Therefore, just burning the unclaimed funds now (short-sighted hopes of a little pump aside) would be a pointless waste.

The reality is, there is a long-lasting shortage of crypto developers that is a very common bottleneck of what is essentially the whole space. This means developing man power is an invaluable resource!

For that reason, I make the obvious proposal to seize the massive opportunity that is the huge unclaimed chunk of PNG and fund a developer-exclusive treasury! Governance could then decide what to spend these funds on in a very detailed way: Be it

  • the implementation of feature requests agreed upon by governance,
  • funding the implementation of features proposed by devs,
  • and much, much more we couldn’t even think of today!

With its enormous size, such a treasury could easily rake in the invaluable work of hundreds of developers over decades to come. Thus, such a developer-exclusive treasury could give the pangolin DEX a long-lasting advantage over current and future competition.


@clebar lets up that proposal! I have been doing RnD since 2017 for a project that would be perfect for a situation like this.

A little info on the system: is a high-performance, scalable, customizable, and secure blockchain platform. It targets a few specific use cases powered by

– Building application-specific blockchains, spanning permissioned (private) and permissionless (public)


– Building a custom blockchain learning management system (UCAT) that allows users to EARN while they LEARN

– Tokenize knowledge acquired as value to trade it freely, without restrictions or censorship, in an open market on EduDEx.

– Building a bridge between EduDEx and DeFi to connect innovative ideas with capital

– Streamline the access to IP and payments for licensing and royalties

– Building arbitrarily complex digital assets with custom rules, covenants, and riders (smart assets).

– Shifting the human perspective regarding the pure economic value of knowledge and it’s applications

– Building a community of intellectuals that promotes and rewards Life-Long Learning with the intent of raising human consciousness

– Building a network that allows participants to invest in Education without having to invest in any one specific person.

– Build infrastructure that fosters innovation without limits through forward thinking; and can act as a hub for Talent Acquisition by a number of skills.

You start with an in-house blockchain training program we train and groom our own developers and train an army of them.

Id have to modify my whitepapers to fit around Pangolin Technology but this system was modeled on Avalanche so its a perfect fit.

The native token for the LMS is UCAT or what I call β€œThe Center of EdUCAT. IOn”

The marketplace for credentialed grads of any program is EduDEX. io

The tokenomics of it are the real innovation. Unlike our present system where value only exists because it is 100% representation of debt. With UCAT the value only exists when it is created. No debt, giving you 100% PURE ECONOMIC VALUE.

Think of the implications of this. I would like to share this with the community. I just know it needs to be built. I submitted an application to Avalabs Incubation partner at Encode for incubation. If tthe community feels like it can stand behind something like this then we can potentially attract some help from Avalabs and partners if theirs.

I cant do this alone, it’s already been 4 years. The research done, just needs developers which is why I am bringing up this project to begin with. This would create perpetual value for the Avax Ecosystem, Pangolin Ecosystem, and anything they touch.

Looking forward to all the feedback
Alex R