Delegation Terms

I believe two of the delegation terms should fixed/changed/updated before any new proposals:

  1. Delegating the PNG’s in the LP’s without having to remove them from the pools:

If someone is in 10 different pools, he/she has to withdraw all the funds from the pools, break the pairs and then delegate the PNG’s in order to vote. Why go through all these procedures? Liquidıty providers should be able vote with the PNG’s in the pools. Maybe they can just lock the PNG amount until they vote and release after they have voted.

  1. The delegation duration/deadline should be increased:

For any governance proposal, once the proposal is up, the PNG owners should have enough time to see the proposal and act accordingly, i.e. delegate. For the first two proposals people had maybe 12h to delegate their PNG. Most people do not check the pangolin app everyday and they just miss their chance to delegate their PNGs and to vote. I believe once a proposal is up, there should be at least 4-5 days duration for people to delegate. The time to vote then can be just 1 day.

What do you think?


I agree with both those propositions.

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