Delegate to Connor!

I’m the lead developer of Pangolin. I have a vested interest in its future success. You can trust me to make thoughtful decisions with my PNG.

My Avalanche address is: 0x808cE8deC9E10beD8d0892aCEEf9F1B8ec2F52Bd


For the lazy here a direct link to his contract address

Hey Connor,

Great work on Pangolin! Just a question around the current structure of development for Pangolin. If I’m correct, all the developers currently working on Pangolin are employed by Ava Labs.

If the community voted for yourself to be the future technical lead, would that then mean you’d leave Ava Labs or would you still be employed by Ava Labs and run Pangolin as well as your day to day Ava Labs activity.

How would the Treasury fund your development? Would it be in the form of a salary? If so, then how do we ensure we’re compliant with local payroll regulations? If it’s not in the form of a salary but rather contributions, do the future developers then need to do their own tax returns to ensure they’re compliant?

Once again, great work :slight_smile:


Hello can you tell me how many developers are working on this project? and why haven’t you invested more in pangolin? Thanks