Dai to Dai.e in bridge


I would like to join the pool AVAX/DAI

I used the bridge to get the DAI from Etherium to Avalance network. Now the Dai is changed into DAI.e and not accepted in the pool. What I do here?



I’d suggest going to the Pangolin FAQs section to read up some more on providing liquidity or finding other tutorials to help out. You basically need to take your Dai.e and Avax convert them into LP tokens then take those token and assign them to the correct pool.

BUT given current market conditions (market being at a mini high)…are you sure you want to stake coins now?? (Not financial advice)

Hi. I would just swap DAI for DAI.e. Just make sure there is sufficient liquidity on that swap pair (DAI/DAI.e) so that you get a good price.