Community treasury funds for C-Chain token CEX listings and Incentivized Bridge

First, the three problems I see currently

1)We do not want PNG’s price to be based off of speculation, it’s not inherently valuable to have PNG itself listed on Binance as it will just get a margin pair and be shorted or longed into crabbing oblivion

2)Liquidity mining should not be the way providers earn profits, they should be earning profits on trading fees -but the daily volume on PNG is so embarrassingly low that you could have 1% of an pool and not break 10$. And I’m sure a large portion of the trading is just arbitrage. Liquidity mining should be used only as an incentive to use PNG over a protocol like sushiswap

3)At the moment, the only way people are “cashing out” their gains from good trades on PNG or from their liquidity mining, is by buying AVAX then transferring the AVAX to binance and selling it there -thus unnecessarily suppressing the price of AVAX. Nobody wants to use the bridge, paying 100-200 dollars in fees when they can virtually do it for free with method A.

Proposed solutions

C-CHAIN Native token listings
If centralized exchanges began accepting c-chain tokens, ie you could deposit your c-chain link directly to binance or kucoin, traffic would skyrocket -and trading fees by extension, AVAX will no longer be used as the defacto cashout route, and PNG will be seen as a valuable high traffic dex with its value stemming from trade volume and NOT speculation piggybacking off of AVAX’s back.

I also was considering another idea where we could use some of the funds to make the bridge free for C-Chain deposits over a certain amount with a cooldown for each address. We need more tokens on the C-Chain. Have you guys taken a look at the AVAX Bridge utilisation? We’re not even netting 1 tx an hour, we generally get just 10 deposits a day -and if you take a look it has been all sushiswap…

Anyway, just some things to think about in an effort to improve the DEX. Please feel free to leave your criticisms I didn’t that much thought into it so I could be missing something staring me in the face. I know it would probably be difficult to get an exchange to do this initially, but im sure some smallers CEX would be eager to cease this opportunity to generate more traffic. Then eventually the bigger fish will want a cut… GL & GB.


Yeah It would be nice to see the project on Binance Launchpad, but not sure how it works and there is almost no activity in the forum in recent days, so not sure if project is being abandoned