Changing key pair reward multipliers

Alright. I will vote “for” but please consider a quick-response-plan-B in case things go downhill.

Never centralized, but why not create a special vote system. For exemple, this type of vote can be use to boost reactivity of Pangolin. Yes because reactivity and speed is really important to catch liquidity on Pangolin, DeFi space don’t wait us, people want money, now, and if it’s necessary people go out quickly.

We can create new type of special vote, the goal is can do action quickly when it’s really necessary.
The during of this special vote can be really short. But we need create security of legitimacy, for exemple, significant number of different adresse to vote, big number of PNG, or other possibility.

Create legitimacy is important, because for example in my country in french, politics men vote new law during the night when peoples sleeping for do bad thing.
We must be efficient and reactive in our decisions but not like the French politicians.


Yes i’m agree.
Is important decision, i personally use AVAX - ETH.e since start of Pangolin, and i’m confused about the bad profitability of this pool since few time. I stay here and not move elsewhere because i love pangolin.
But the majority of people are not here for love but to do business.
AVAX/ETH is strategic pools and we need more distribution.
It the same for stablecoin.

We need big boys for big liquidity, and big boy don’t love “shitcoin” or newcomer, the risk is too hight.

And how you prevent whale manipulation? like what happened last time.
Adding more APY to strategic pairs to stay competitive is just a short term solution.
To stay Competitive Pangolin need more development and give more Services.
Here are some Suggestion feel free to expand it and make proposal if you like them :

1 - native auto compounding option.At the moment others are doing it and adding value to their own oken by fees, we can do it and save the fees for the treasury

2 - Tier based APY for LONG term HOLDERS via NFTs More Details

3 -Getting into Money market and launchpads with staking Single asset PNG(like Pancake)
Maybe some Partnering with Benqi or feature AAVE, Curve to add them in the UI and take some fee on each transaction as commission

4 -Gamification , Lottery, to add to the treasury or buy back and burn


This is a good suggestion

What is the next step to launch that change ?

Its live!

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Now pangolin is amazing place to make money with best level of security ! To the moon :rocket:

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I can modify my “Dynamic Time-Weighted Quadratic Voting” suggestion and integrate it into NFT tier creation.

The amm leader is a uniswap, I propose to upgrade the protocol to the amm V3 level

As soon as you upgrade, the problems will disappear immediately

Developers need to set up an avalanche bridge for all coins that are in the Ethereum network, integration and transfers between centralized exchanges and avalanche.