Change the AVAX-PNG pool multiplicator

Can we vote on a new multiplicator for AVAX-PNG?
12x is not enough compared to how many 10x pools there are. I would propose 20x or 25x.

Any thoughts?



I wrote about it in other thread, but it look like this farm is very overlooked. Sad because we as liquidity providers in this pool are f*cked up.

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This is a community DEX. The great part about that is you can load a proposal on Snapshot here Snapshot
Rally the community and if you get enough support, then we’ll do it.

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1: To have a successful DEX we must have Enough TVL in strategic Pairs.
in order to achieve low Slippage , to bring Traffic .

2: The TVL comes with Good and competitive APY

3: The emission of PNG must be sustainable to have the price stable enough.

4 : to increase the APY of strategic Pairs we need to reduce it from some where.

5: Avax /PNG is the biggest TVL of Pangolin without generating enough revenue from fees

The soulution is not increase the APY of a nonprofitable pair . but increase the strategic ones to stay competitive
some how we should give extra utility to PNG token to keep investors happy.
here are some :slight_smile:

1: Single asset staking to farm other tokens(for now Avax and OOE, and APEIN)
2: staking to get part of the DEX revenue as dividend
3: Launchpads(maybe in collaboration with Avalaunch(XAVA)
4: Lottery , gamification, in house Stable coin emission with overcollaterized locked PNG


This pool is def not overlooked.

As it is today, the AVAX/PNG pool is taking up around 40% of our daily emissions, so with the tokenomics as it is today we cant realy give it any more.
Giving it a higher multiplier is not sustainable, and that would have changed Pangolin from an exchange to just a AVAX/PNG pool.

David here :point_up_2:t3: is pointing out alot things that we are looking at when it comes to taking away the selling pressure by giving Pangolin and the PNG token more utilites.

Hang in there, and stay with us for the next couple of months :rocket:

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yes,25X is reasonable

To maximize the benefits of the people who had been keep holding PNG,
Assume that the multiplicator for AVAX-PNG is 10X-30X,
calculate the monthly average positions since PNG goes online.

level1:1~10k 10X
level2:10k~20k 20X
level3:20k~30k 30X


multiplicator =10 + png_monthly_positions/10k

What about just putting 100% of the emission to AVAX-PNG pool? :slight_smile:
A DEX must be used to generate income. AVAX-PNG is not profitable for the protocol by its self.
we must reduce it to 10% of total emission.
from there we can go various ways:
1: Adjust all pools APY to make it deep enough to be profitable to pass allways from PNG pools
example : from $QI to $YAY : QI>PNG PNG>YAY.
2: increase the strategic pairs deep enough to bring Dex aggregators traffic to Pangolin, then generate revenue from fees, and pay as dividend to PNG stakers.(like sushi, or JOE)

we need to choose either one this paths:
1:have deep TVL in strategic Pairs(Avax ones) to bring Traffic
then we must reduce the Apy of Avax/PNG pool and give it to others

2: make deep PNG pools to redirect routes to pass through different PNG pools.(difficult but doable)
instead of AVAX/USDT with high APY make : AVAX/PNG and PNG/USDT(with high APY t bring TVL).
To make choosing this route profitable low slipage :
This is possible efor New low Mcap Volume Tokens.
these must be deep enough to have low slippage for the bots and Dex aggregators.

My preferable option is the first one.
But what we cant do is something between .giving 40% of total emission to a pool tat doesn’t make 40% of total revenue for the platform.