Can't see pangolin exchange after 1h


I moved 35 AVAX froum my Avalanche wallet to my MetaMask wallet. And now I cant exchange AVAX on pangolin. And I cant transfer it to others wallet.

I can’t see my first transaction on after 6 days
Now any of my transaction “still in que”.

I tried to cancel all my transaction and it didn’t help.
I tried to increase gas fee and I got same result.

(can’t attach pics)

I also send a tiket to MetaMask (today)
What should I need to do now?
Help me please.

So how i understand this, is that you sent AVAX from your AVAX wallet to Metamask, and you now got AVAX in youre MM wallet. But you are not abel to do transactions?

Did you manage to connect youre wallet to Pangolin?

Here are som basic troubleshooting you can try:

Try to resetting your MM bye clicking the account icon in the top right corner.
-select settings -select advanced -scroll down and click reset account.

Resetting youre Account will not distupt youre funds or wallet address.

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Hey! Thanks for your advice, it worked.
(while dealing with these wallets - AVAX grew by + 25% :hot_face:)

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Glad it worked out!
I would recomend to join Telegram: Contact @pangolindex

You will allways get a fast respond on telegram due to more availeble admins.

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