Bounties process

Hey everyone,

So this is going to be a very quick brain dump to get some community feedback.

Bounties have the opportunity to become very divisive in our community. We don’t want that!

How do we ensure a fair bounty system? Do we create an open submission portal, so that anyone can apply for any bounty?

Do we vote for every bounty? Some of them are going to be like for 200 PNG or so. Does the community care that much? How do we avoid governance fatigue?

Thoughts, suggestions? How do we ensure this is fair and practical?

Do we use Snapshot?

I’d love to hear your thoughts?


In my opinion the developing team should have some freedom. If we need to vote for every little thing you do Pangolin will never go anywhere. I would say that it might be worth put on vote the execution of bounties for big amounts, but for small amounts there is no need.
It may also be done in batch: for example doing a vote for approving 2 or 3 bounties all in one go

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Hello all,

I think there should be a group bounty proposals, like;

1st bounty; tokenomics
2nd bounty; Defi competitors
3rd bounty; Innovations

Then, everyone will have a chance to say someting if they don’t agree. Or, there could be opportunties for core team to change for more valuable bounty. And, I believe there should be no limitations for applying, people can deliver reports on specific time of period. Who miss one looses the opportunitiy.

About fairness, maybe fair prices could be based from the salaries, like 1/3 or 1/4 of each.

Hi Justin,

I would derive the salary breakdown as follows:

Base Salary:

  • Depending on the role, this should be between 80k - 100k.
  • Ultimately, it must ensure that you can live with it. But you don’t have to earn more than average with it.

Target-oriented salary:

  • Depending on the reflection of the performance in the course of the pangolin, a reward/additional remuneration should be given to the core members.
  • It can take place quarterly, half-yearly or per year
  • In my opinion, this should be around 10k - 30k.


  • Depending on the objective (whether it will be voted on by the community or by core team is still open)
  • At the end of the year, certain bonuses should be paid out depending on the degree of target achievement, estimated at 10k-20k.

I have no doubts about your competence and skillset. But what I want to establish and control is the distribution of salary expectations.

So, there is an incentive for you to do more for the project and to priorities any work.

For the investors of Pangolin, it is of course even nicer when you realize how the allocated PNGs are distributed fairly and according to position and objectives.

In the end, it comes down to the same amount of salary. However, more control of the activities.

After this salary structure is signed and approved, you have full responsibility and freedom to develop Pangolin.

Kind regards

This discussion is really about Bounties and not salaries.

However I’ll respond to this as I think it’s important. If Pangolin doesn’t pay market rates, why would anyone want to come work here?

I could literally go anon, go sit on a beach in Thailand, release a meme coin and make more money and deal with a helluva lot less stress and angst.

People need to be paid based upon the market conditions or else you’re not going to attract talent. It’s really quite simple.


Governance should be as smooth as possible.

Community does not need to get involved in every single decision. It would create an unnecessary bureaucracy. Most of the people do not have any idea what is going on, if they have any idea they don’t have any interest/time to be bothered with details.

A functioning body of decision making (in this case multi-sig) should call it and do it. If anyone has any kind of problem with any topic can write here and we discuss it further.