Blockchain issues

Hello there,
Unfortunately yesterday I just swap 3,2 for 0.05 ETH to try the plateform with Metamask, but I’m still looking for my ETH…
I don’t know what to do because when I see the blockchain address it’s like it have be done :slight_smile:

May someone support me to understand please?

regards Tim


try to add token in Metamask with ETH contract:


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thanks for your answer. Yes my ETH were on avax blockchain but not showed by my Meta.
another question, do you know how could i send my avax back to binance for example. seems that cannot send to X-av address from Meta

Yes, I think you have to route it through the avax wallet:

Create a wallet there, send it to the C-Chain address of that wallet.
Then there is a Cross Chain feature, send it from C-Chain to X-Chain and then back to Binance.

best regards

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I recommend running this past discord channel(s) first.

To be clear, ETH on AVAX C-chain can’t be sent to binance without passing through the bridge first (assuming I correctly understood that, that’s the objective).

Forum is a bad place for getting real time support.

OP was asking about avax to binance, not eth. I did it the other way (from binance to meta), so this works, I just don’t know if there is a cheaper way.

Thank you for reply I withdraw successfully from Avax Wallet changing from C-Chain to X-Chain