Bit of an emergency

Hi guys, Ive used your exchange for a few months. Ive just realised I’m not the root user of my Mac. I’ve reset my phone, can a dev please hack this line. or call me. I’ve tried a few commands in the terminal but that’s my limit. please ask for my phone number? crack into to it whatever, I have another email too, if that helps this shit is all over my mums iPhone and Ipad port 60278 is open and that all I know!! Will be sincerely greatful! just tell me what you need, I’ve set the fire wall to max atm just till I can get it sorted.Im rural so no help here.

tell me what to type or do, I don’t want screw this up.

And of you have full permission, to do whatever!

Our app runs in a browser so I don’t think your root user settings on your Mac affect the way you interact with Pangolin?