Avalanche Rush: PNG Vs Joe

Does anyone have insight as to why JOE got 20 million from Avalanche for rush and Pangolin got 5 million? With the farming rewards they can offer they are eating our lunch right now in terms of TVL, user acquisition, and volumes.


Pangolin receive 2M$

2021-10-27 14_17_15-Ecosystem _ Avalanche – Brave

Avalanche and Pangolin are together.
It is also to probably show that avalanche this target not that it is small baby.

Let’s wait for pangolin V2 and be patient.

Hi. Joe didn’t get 20m. They got 10m and puttet in another 10m them self. The 2m we got was earlyer, and the increse in price made the value to about 4m. So it is actually closer to 4m vs. 10m.