Avalanche <-> BSC Bridge

I’d like to propose a portion of the unused Airdrop be used to develop a cross chain bridge to BSC.

The Avalanche team used the Chainsafe Chainbridge to build the Ethereum bridge and we could utilise the same technology.

We would need to assign some relayers to secure the bridge. Avalanche uses Protofire, Hashquark, POA Network, and Avascan. We could either use them or allow new organisations to apply to be relayers.

We could use the funds from the unclaimed airdrop to then get the relayers onboard and to pay the developers to implement. We’d then have access to all the liquidity on both Ethereum and BSC.


I second this idea. Everyone is scrambling for liquidity and anything that captures liquidity has to be supported.

I also think that we should be looking at the huge amounts of trapped liquidity in coins such as LTC and DOGE that do not have native smart contract functionality. We should be building bridges for those communities as well with incentives to encourage them to explore the platform.


Good point about those other networks. I’ve been looking into ISO/TC 307 but it just seems incredibly verbose at this stage. All EVM compatible networks seem like a good fit and Chainbridge also supports Substrate and therefore both Polkadot and Kusama.

A cross chain bridge into the Dot and Kusuma ecosystems would be so good