APR / PNG per Week

Ok I feel the PNG tab with all the APR numbers in the different pools is misleading. These number just don’t seem to add up or my weekly PNG I’m mining doesn’t seem to be adding up to the APR %… Can someone walk me through how these APR numbers are calculated?? For example I see a pool for 300% APR, when I enter it, it’s really a low APR because it’s based on how much PNG it’s generating per week so real APR is like 50% or something way smaller then stated. Any help?

Does anyone know of a place to pre-calc all these pool outputs? I’d love to see how much PNG per week I can get for each pool WITHOUT having to convert my usdt into different coins all the time and waste tons of money on transactions - This calc would be a great feature to add to the Pangolin Exchange.


i think png government is stupid,the APR is wrong now,and png mining weight now is 1.nobody what hold png anymore.so png price will go to zero.will see