Any Cex Listing?

Hi everyone,

Are there any update about upcoming CEX listings. Are they coming? I could’t find any info

Thanks in advance

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It seems like a dead horse to me. Devs took their PNG and only tiny advancements in months.

It seems so. I almost lost my faith to PNG

At least one more listing agreement has been signed as far as I am aware. Will likely happen in Q1.

There are some major announcements and launches in Q1. This isn’t a situation where the team took money and ran. Most, If not all of them, have left their full time jobs to commit to this project. You’ll see what they have been working hard on soon.

Thanks for info. Will see what will happen. I hope Png get a fair price

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How is the UX/UI progress so far?
I do believe a better interface is important to gain popularity.

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