Amend Universal Guidelines for PNG Rewards

$50k token liquidity requirement accepted through this Snapshot proposal is too low. This proposal was long before the Avalanche Rush which brought a lot of liquidity to the network. Now it is trivial to achieve $50k token liquidity, which dilutes PNG rewards. I propose the following amendments.

  • REMOVE $50k+ in token liquidity on Pangolin
  • ADD Paired with 2500+ AVAX on Pangolin
  • ADD Tokens rewarded through the Universal Guidelines are subject to removal if they fail to fit the criteria for 7 consecutive days

Hey to comment on dilution, adding pools for projects with $1M or less in liquidity actually only dilutes rewards by ~0.05% or less

For example AVE (Avaware) has almost ~$1M in liquidity but only gets ~500PNG/week allocated to it. We emit 1,225,000 PNG per week so 500 is not much. A lot of the new pools we add have even less than than $1M liquidity so the dilution factor is almost negligible

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 12.00.47 PM


It’s also really important for new coins to gain some form of liquidity and rewards. I think Pangolin can act more as an exchange for all coins, rather than a restricted set of coins. A 0.05% liquidity loss is worth that depth.

Yes, Leo convinced me that increasing liquidity requirement could be more harmful than helpful. I was thinking that increased requirement would make projects more committed to Pangolin to fit the criteria. However, Trader Joe is the primary DEX by TVL right now, and increasing the liquidity requirements would probably just cause us to lose the liquidity.