AMA with Team Members

The team members have been awfully quiet since the airdrop extension debacle. I would love to see them engaging with the community on Telegram or in this forum more frequently. Let’s reengage with the team with an AMA, I am sure the community has a lot of questions.


What do you mean? We are the team. We all need to drive this and shouldn’t rely on “team members”. Over time, the community will identify people with leadership or governance roles which is really exciting.

so you can change the code? because i can’t

We are not the team yet, governance is almost two months away.

Oh well, looks like we will be able to govern earlier.

My transaction failed:txd:0xbc7ebdb5132c53d7a40606a704a0436f064732d11bb4261c0e63270dc1c326fa
How can I have my AVAX return? please help! I beleive your kindness Pangolin team! Thank you so much!