Allow voting not only with PNG in LP pools, but also in sPGL

We should strengthen our ties with the next most important DeFi around and allow our users to vote on Pangolin while using Snowball Finance.

This could be implemented by calculating how much Pangolin someone receives per 1 sPGL.

I think Pangolin should be the sole coin for votes.

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I also use snowball Finance so it would be ok for me but I also undestand the point to promete just Pangolin, and I am willing to sacrifice snowball and move everything to PNG pools

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Pangolin LP’s hold Pangolin and don’t get a right to vote, sPGL is the same case, just that it’s being recompounded on another product because the native one doesn’t offer that possibility.

That’s a good point. It is generally not bad in the future to talk about whether all the pools contain the PNG voting rights, at least the 50% part of PNG in the pool.

Bumping this thread to reignite discussion. I am an OG AVAX-PNG LP provider and would like for both of these to be possible, seeing as we are getting closer ties to Snowball.

Also I am obviously pushing for PGL holders to be able to vote with their provided liquidity.

Technically: once someone votes simply a snapshot of their PNG balance in pool is counted.

For me is better to vote only with PNG token. Is good for tokenomic of PNG.