Airdrop PNG to Uniswap Power users

I suggest an airdrop for Uniswap Power users in line with the second airdrop that 1inch did.

Airdrop to people who did at least 20 transactions on Uniswap in 2020 and at least 3 in 2021. These are the people who really use DeFi and it would be a really good idea to attract them to AVAX ecosystem.


This is an interesting idea. This is kinda why we designed the airdrop the way we did. We wanted to target users who were using Uniswap and Sushiswap by holding their token. Maybe # of txs would have been a better metric.


I like this idea, but I think that we need to increase the tx number, at least 50 trades on Uniswap or Sushi in 2020 and to be eligible for this airdrop you need to use the bridge and provide at least some liquidity on pangolin.


I completely agree with this

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I think this is a good suggestion, I think it’d work better and get more of the right users in than the current airdrop. Would also provide a new approach that can have a new marketing push. We could also think about including people who have provided liquidity to uni pools.


We should include people who bought $png or hold some AVAX in their it’s good for the price


i dont agree with a second airdrop, everyone fighting for what would the metrics be and we already have one that have made a lot of discussion, if the goal is attract them to the avax ecosystem a good idea would be to airdrop those ho have used the bridge.
Small airdrop would be much efficient, this would incentivice the use of the bridge. power users are not dumb and they go where its hot, if you can get a airdrop for using the bridge and entering the world of low fees and fast transactions you wouldnt think it twice, as of now gass for the bridge is very high but if you know that you will get an airdrop of the same + value for using the bridge, definatley you would, this would increase volume and liquidity wich are the two main goals of a DEX.
Nonsense airdrops will increase circulating supply and will dump the price further down creating worst incentives for liquidity providing and use of the DEX, also we already made an airdrop for Uni and sushi holders, metrics for that one could have been better but its already done and we need to look forward developing the comunity.


This is good idea but l think this could be for just pangolin users.

For example ;

Users have to 30$ swap volume


Users need to have at least 1 lp


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We just need to reward more token pairs and people will come. We want to attract real sustainable users, not airgrab and runners. I’d rather put the airdrop behind us.


I don’t think this is a good idea. There are not only uniswap users, that use defi. Personally, I would rather not see any airdrops any more, but if, then at least reward users for using pangolin swap, or those who provide liquidity to the dex, not users of other platforms. we want users to use pangolin swap, not reward them for using other exchanges.

what i would find better:

  • give out a % in bonus PNG for providing liquidity (maybe only after providing for some time, or locking for some time)
  • make a staking-pool for PNG (PNG only), that rewards PNG (to incentivice people trading PNG and holding on Pangolin)

people will come from other exchanges for the cheap and fast transactions, if the incentives are right to stay, not if they get free tokens that they can dump and then get back to stacking in those other exchanges


We dont need more airdrops, we need more ways to incentivise people to provide liquidity.
f.x. more pairs that give returns.

What’s the point of giving some random shitcoin trader pangolins so he can just dump them?


Don’t think this is a good idea at all, it’s discouraging to get diluted by folks who had access to information relating to projects outside of Pangolin (and let’s be real majority of the world falls in this category).

Instead of airdrops, let’s incentivize professional channels of education and distribution to increase traction and usage.


Over 50 trades would bring only arb bots and heavy DEX users.

I think the criteria that 1inch used is well thought and covers people who actually trade on DEXes.


Hell no, why should we reward people from a competing platform?? makes no sense.
they will just dump on us.


All I’m going to say is that 1inch tried this “second airdrop” thing and it didn’t work out for them.

We dont need more Airdrops!


This is an excellent idea.

As dasconnor points out, we want to encourage uniswap and sushiswap users to migrate to Avalanche. We need liquidity on C Chain if Pangolin is going to become a thriving dex, and that only comes with users. Some of you need to think longer term rather than the couple of dollars you’ll make in the short term

Airdropping to Uniswap power users doesn’t provide any incentive to become a LP on Pangolin or to swap with Pangolin. What benefit does this give specific to Pangolin?

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Yeah i think providing a 2nd airdrop to uni/sushi providers is unnecessary if they did not jump on board now they don’t deserve getting a 2nd airdrop when pangolin and avax is much further developed.

In all honesty i feel keeping these tokens and then supplying a airdrop once every 6 months to PNG holders is much cooler.

But also in saying that providing a good portion of the funds in the treasury for development/marketing etc.

Pangolin does not really need to attract an audience, Avalanche is doing that job. Pangolin will fall in place for being the offical dex. Giving back to the early adopters and supporters i think is the best form of currency. While also reaching to a further audience so maybe account for png holders and a further reach in community like 1inch holders.


Perhaps i hate to say it but it would attract a lot of people, binance smart chain.