Airdrop Now Over

The airdrop is complete! Thank you everyone that provided liquidity or made a swap. Pangolin’s first month was incredible and I can’t wait for many more! Now time to get to work on governance!


How can this be? There is still a couple hours left in my time zone until march 10th. I have just completed every step of the airdrop and am trying to click the airdrop button that all the tutorials show is in the upper left hand corner…and it isn’t there. Surely it should still be there until march 10th?

Edit: I spent a lot in gas to go through all these steps to claim this airdrop…please tell me that it wasn’t shut down a couple hours before the actual end of the day march 9th.

same for me; I’m guessing the end time was expressed in UTC. If that wasn’t specified, it probably should’ve been (but I also could’ve not waited until the literal last minute)

Is there a way to DM dasconnor to start a dialogue and possible send him our wallet addresses? It shouldn’t be too difficult to look them up in the database to see what our airdrop totals would have been…as well as the AVAX and UNI bridging steps we did. It may be possible to have the PNG sent directly to us? I’m just freewheeling here out of frustration.

I’m assuming it’d need to go thru the Pangolin governance process, which I don’t know anything about (not being a PNG holder, ha). Whether it’s worthwhile for them to take up I’d assume would depend on how many ppl/much PNG was affected and what other pressing issues the project faces (and i guess to what extent the time-zone thing was clearly communicated)

This BS man. The deadline was the 10th. Then you change it to the 9th. Then you decide to end early on the 9th. 24hrs in a day man. I spent all this time learning about the convoluted manner in which I had to claim, spent money moving everything around…held all 400 of my UNI with diamond hands! And I still get the shaft because you don’t know what day it is. Lame.


cchain explorer still showing my unclaimed PNG too. Just taunting me!

(uint96) : 76300576209990650000

ah c’mon!

We are all in the same boat. Clock is ticking down with no response. :frowning:

I should still have 1hr 40min to get the airdrop. It’s still March 9th in my timezone! I just set up my metamask with the avalanche network, only to find that the airdrop button is no longer at the top of the page?! What gives???

Same here man! We better get a response. I got to the page and I was like, “Where the heck is the airdrop link?! Am I blind?”

running out of time here dasconnor! Turn the airdrop back on for the remaining 1hr 20min left in march 9th please

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All the step were completed in time. UNI sitting in my Metamask wallet on Avalanche. No airdrop claim button. :anguished:

Token Transfer Success 8 minutes ago (March-09-2021 11:36:58 PM ±5 UTC)

same here, it’s taken me all day to learn how to get AVAX & 1 sushi in my wallet so I can claim. I finally did it & I clicked claim button for it to say execution reverted: Airdrop::claim: claiming not allowed. I’m gutted.

Same here. Tried it several times during last week. Can admins please check what is wrong? I think this airdrop failed and there should be new one, at least for those people, who didn’t got this one (but were in the list).

Are you all serious? You had all this time and now you come here to cry, that there is no time left? Sorry to be mean but is this the first time you had a deadline in your life? Over is over, and actually the community was for ending the airdrop on 9th (and no, the deadline is not connected with each and everyones individual timezone) If you like PNG you can exchange for some.

Screw this project, how about that.


I have no one to blame but myself. But if it’s an option, I am open to some sort of contract or agreement to immediately use my airdrop tokens for LP for a year. I am in this for the long haul. Much like the other posts, I went through the steps but there was no icon for airdrop. I thought maybe once I completed the steps, it would appear. If it’s an option I can send whatever you need to prove I completed the steps March 9th shortly before midnight. If not, cool. Lesson learned.

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Well if it legitimately did not function, maybe they can do something, I have no idea, I am not a dev. It is just funny to me, when they announced to extend the airdrop everyone was up and arms against it, so the deadline was fixed on 9. Now the only comments I see are people calling it BS and how could that be. Maybe this is just a strategy to scam out some coins from projects, who knows.


I tought there is an airdrop for who made a png swap until 27 february. Is this sushi-uni airdrop? If it was, I am sorry to hear that I had time until now and did not send sushi. Bu what about the other one?

Excellent news and thanks for hearing the community. Complaining about last minute misses after a whole month is meaningless