Airdrop Ending March 9th

We read you loud and clear about the Airdrop. The airdrop will end March 9th. We appreciate any constructive feedback coming from the community. I’m working really hard to get every aspect of governance up and running. Thanks for helping us make the right decisions as we move towards full community governance.

To be clear, the reason for the extension was solely to support community members with Ledgers. We received numerous requests for Ledger support and had previously promised it (as early as Feb 11th). I didn’t realize people had found a workaround using the Ethereum app. I appreciate whoever figured that out. It’s good that we can respect our Ledger users and our Pangolin early adopters.

Thanks for being early adopters and I look forward to helping the community grow.


Truly appreciate it. I don’t envy your position. You’ve done great work and have a lot of weight on your shoulders. What makes Pangolin strong is that it is 100% community driven and this action speaks to that and keeps consistency with the white paper.


Thank you for listening to the community.


The fact that you have heard the community is awesome, i much appreciate you doing this and also want to say thanks, your work is aweosme and keep it up!, i will make sure to use governance system to propose a dev fund so wee keep developing this awesome and truly decentralized community dex! :grinning: :+1: :pray:


hello is there someone to help me, my png airdrop to mm is pending since last night


Try going to your metamask settings under advanced and reset the account.

Did that, thank you very much. Regards

airdrop almak ne yapılması gerekiyor elimde png tokeni var

Hi all, my airdrop has been pedning for the past 48 hours. Any idea why?

Thanks for hearing feedback of community. I believe airdrop is unfair exercise and it had to stop given there are many people believed this project and invested when the price was 15 USD.

Hey Stant, did it work for you? Did you finally get your PGN?


Thanks for hearing the community. Now lets find a good use case for those tokens to promote PNG. Below are some suggestions:

  1. List it on Binance / Other CEX’es
  2. Increase PNG pool rewards
  3. Hire influencers
  4. Make a roadshow to institutional investors
  5. improve product
  6. arrangements hackatons
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Hi guys,
Anyone having issues getting the airdrop?


Hi Julito80,

Yes, I’ve setup it all up. Transfered Uni across bridge, sent Avax to Avalache side of Meta and every time that I try claim my 76 PNG it stays on pending.
ps also did the reset account on Meta

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Hello! I see that I should get Pangolin according to But I have now transferred 1 UNI to Avalanche network and when I go to Pangolin I still see 0 PNG airdrop, while I was not claiming it yet (and have no PNG tokens in block explorer). What is wrong? I am sure that I am eligible for the airdrop.

What’s wrong?

Crazy…this is most difficult aidrop…seems like I won t get it and won t get the answer :frowning:

I was seconds away from getting the airdrop. Is it possible to get it anyway now? Took me time with the transfers… A bit sad :frowning:

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So, I have finished all the steps to claim this airdrop just now…but the airdrop button is missing from the app page where all the tutorials show it should be. Am I missing something?


same; still March 9 for 2.5 hours in my time zone, but I guess it’s March 10 somewhere; just now got to the last step to find zero claimable png. Oh well; at least I now have 1.1 AVAX and the need to figure out how to retrieve 1 UNI to show for my time and gas spent