African Language Tutorials

Instead of burning png let’s give it to Africans to make on African language tutorials about Pangoline. Let’s say 5 png for 3 minute tutorial.

I know a little Xhosa! I’d be well up for this. My brother and dad are fluent. I could be up for this!

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they can use Google Translate for free.

It is about motivating someone with something…in this case with PNG, so instead of burning them just because of greed let’s make something good out of it, like promoting Pangoline all over Africa.

Learning something NEW should be the Motivation for learning.
If its just for the money they would just click fast through the tutorial to collect the PNG to dump on everyone else.

Tutorial like how to use pangoline exchange including what solutions are they providing, spreading the word, including marketing…it is all up to us. I am every day learning and i am happy that i every day learn something new and that is what drives me.

-“Tutorial like how to use pangoline exchange”

If you copy this URL into google translator you can translate it into any language you want.
so no PNG incentive needed for your African Brethren to learn about Decentralized Exchanges.


lmao this has gotta be the worst idea yet

time will say and community will decide

To clarifiy, to you mean creating a tutorial, or just watching a tutorial?

It’s nice that you’re looking to include Africa, because it is a continent where many people excluded from mainstream banking services.
However, Africa is a continent with many nations with many languages, and the problem is not exclusive to Africa.
It it fair to say there are some countries in other continents that have less English knowledge than some countries in Africa.
You would have to be more specific, however I think it makes sense to be more general and allow other companies to provide translation services.
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