Adding crosschain service into Pangolin DEX

Dear all,

Let’s be honest. The most important issue is to make the process ERC20 to AVAX Blockchain as simple as possible. Even if it is very clear to most people who are interested in it, the simplicity of Avalanche Blockchain.

My proposition would be to add a crosschain service in Pangolin Exchange. With a simple click, we will choose from which blockchain to operate from.

Many thanks.


Good idea.
User experience comes first


I would like to clarify my purpose. Sometimes, we need to be inspired by our neighbors who are doing better !
cross2|379x500 !

Zero Exchange has implemented a swap service from/to Ethereum/Avalanche and a Bridge within their DEX. I think that’s a visionary service that would simplify User Experience’s people from Ethereum and can bring in the future more people into avalanche ecosystem especially when more DAPP will be available (like lending and margin).
How can we justify that Avalanche is very simple to use and more efficient if the most novices encounter obstacles when entering in the network?

Feel free to add any comment or to just leave a like in aim to make this proposal visible.

Any thoughts ?


While we’re still talking about airdrop, more rewards etc Zero Exchange is still building more and more service like tonight. They’re now on BSC to bring more users to their DEX and avalanche blockchain. I honestly thank them for being such active in our ecosystem.

Could we stop talk about getting more and more rewards and airdrop ? Let’s not focus on building a good dex but let’s build the best defi dapp on avalanche.

Avalanche just announced a partnership with Sushiswap. That means Pangolin is not the only alternative. We have to build It and make it unavoidable.

Any thoughts ? Up ?


I agree with this. And now with Sushiswap coming to Avalanche, the competition is only getting more intense

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You are absolutely right.
They are so preoccupied with immediate profit that they can’t see the big picture.
You’re right, other projects are steadily evolving while we’re stuck arguing about trivial things.
Of course the rewards of LP are important, but now that Pangolin in its current state has no clear advantage over others, we should seriously discuss how to develop the project in the future to bring advantage and attract new users.
Frankly I’m sick and tired of all the talk about immediate benefits for existing users.

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