Add PNG Earning / Liquidity Mining / PGL Staking for DAI Stablecoin

Currently the only USD stablecoin available with PNG staking rewards is the USDT token, Tether. This incentivizes users to stake Tether as opposed to other stablecoins in Pangolin, which leads to Tether having ~2.3x the liquidity and ~4.4x the volume on Pangolin (numbers taken from the last 24 hours as shown on

The Tether organization is viewed by some to be a fraudule nt operation that has shown to be a bad actor in the space. At the very minimum they have lied about holding as many USD as they claim to have held. At worst, the organization colludes with centralized exchanges to manipulate the price of Bitcoin. Various articles on this topic below:

Attorney General James Ends Virtual Currency Trading Platform Bitfinex’s Illegal Activities in New York | New York State Attorney General - The latest in the Tether saga, the NY AG court case against Tether
Meet ‘Spoofy’. How a Single entity dominates the price of Bitcoin. | by Bitfinex’ed | | Medium - the original Bitfinixed article from 2017 that arguably broke the “Bitfinex / Tether are bad actors” story - this guy has many medium posts if you continue through his articles about why Tether is shady / suspicious / likely criminal

Dai is a decentralized coin, with a mature, transparent governance model similar to pangolin’s, is in the ETH DeFi community which Pangolin overlaps with, and is collateralized publicly and transparently with ETH. The below article asserts that DAI is more popular in the DeFi community with Pangolin hopes to court, though Tether is more popular with centralized exchanges:
www DOT coindesk DOT com/usdc-dai-tether-defi-stablecoins (discourse only allows new users to post two links per post to prevent spam I guess, sorry)

As is shown in the Lite Paper, DAI/PNG and DAI/AVAX are not selected as pools eligible to stake PGL to earn PNG.

I hold the political position that DAI is the one true stablecoin to rule them all and tether is a scam that will not be around in 10 years, so I think that Pangolin should add the ability to stake PGL and earn PNG for providing DAI liquidity. I don’t want to turn this thread into a flamewar over Tether because I don’t think this is the venue for that argument, but even if you do not agree with me on that, at a minimum Pangolin should not be showing favoritism to one stablecoin over another with regards to incentives to stake liquidity. Or if adding earning support for various stablecoins is too onerous, there should be a published threshold of daily transactions or some other quantifiable metric that determines whether a token is selected to pool PGL and earn PNG.


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There are already PNG farms for both the AVAX/DAI and PNG/DAI LP :stuck_out_tongue:

app, website doesn’t show it as a pool that is eligible to earn PNG, if it is eligible then the website should be updated to show that

Go to the PNG tab and scroll down, they’re there :+1:

you’re right, I’ve made a mistake they are there somehow I missed that, maybe they added this option recently in the last week or so because I swear it was not there before

In any case this whole thread is unnecessary the problem doesn’t exist, can be closed and locked I suppose

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