Acces to more token information 📚

Hi my friends,

I want propose to the dev and community add a new acces of information about all token.
Actually on pangol in we can see that for information about token :

For exemple, in this place we can add new emplacement for this information :point_down: :

  • Official Website of Token
  • Social link (Telegram / Twitter / Medium / Discord)

I think i so important because we want build community, and for that we need more and more link between user and all new projects.

They are also an important aspect for the security of users.
When they are a news project, the risk of mistake for the user is important.
The user needs help to go on the good way.

I think this proposition is maybe not hard to add on Pangolin.
But enable to do more smart community :rocket:
With this implementation we facilitating access to information and offer better visibility to projects on Pangolin.

:point_right:What do you think?:point_left:

  • :white_check_mark: YES, good idea bro
  • :x: NO, is bad idea. Return to buy doge and pray elon with other childs …

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Avax to the moon :heart:


:x: was funny part :joy:

I like your idea. We should integrate this with the “Trust Level”. We could hold this hyperlink somehow small so that it does not bother the overview.

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