About the Guilds category

Pangolin is moving to a Guilds structure to better organise and coordinate our efforts.

These Guilds are:

  1. Tokenomics
  2. Community
  3. Product
  4. Governance
  5. Treasury
  6. Bus Dev
  7. DAO

These Guilds will collaborate on many issues that are common to them. For example the Bus Dev guild will often need to determine whether partnerships align with the Product guild. Another common interaction will be guilds requesting funding from the Treasury guild.

Let’s discuss what falls under the scope of each Guild:


This guild will be responsible for ensuring Pangolin has a sustainable economic model.


This guild will be in charge of community management, marketing and engagement across all guilds


Pretty self explanatory, but as we develop more products they will fall under this guild. This guild will have a lot of connections amongst the other guilds.


This guild is in charge of ensuring Pangolin’s governance is fair and serves the needs of our community. It will be tasked with improving our current governance while maintaining a balance for our product team to not be stilted by over governance.


In charge of the Treasury and ensuring the financial sustainability of Pangolin

Business Development

Tasked with furthering Pangolin’s relationship with key projects. This guild, will be necessity need to ensure the partnerships align with the vision of the product.


This will be a guild that will focus on the management of the DAO. It will focus on ensuring the optimal running of the DAO and ensuring our tools are geared towards the fast paced nature of our field

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