A practical attempt at responsible DAO governance

I’d like to propose a practical attempt at managing major decision making within the Pangolin DAO.

I also think we should stop referring to the Foundation but rather start referring to it as the Pangolin DAO.

We need better tools to manage our DAO’s on Avalanche, as part of that I’m proposing we bring Moloch V2 and Daohaus onto Avalanche.

We then will create a Pangolin DAO for the 10 full time members of the DAO.

There is an upcoming vote to allocate 6 million PNG to Pangolin DAO members vested over 4 years. If that vote passes, then all core team members will get an allocation. Since those tokens will be vested, core members won’t be able to access them. However we could create a synthetic daoPNG that matches each members vesting amount and issue them an equivalent amount.

Let’s talk through an example:

  • HariSeldon is vested 600 PNG over 4 years
  • ShadowCoder is vested 200 PNG over 4 years

Hari gets 600 daoPNG and ShadowCoder gets 200 daoPNG.

We then whitelist that token within the DAO

Now when we have a major decision to make, we will submit a Proposal. So let’s say we want to fund a sponsorship of a sports club, we could submit something like the below:

And the DAO members can vote.

If the vote passes, we will proceed with the proposal.

There are other even cooler things we can do. Allow me to post some screenshots:

This is a brain dump I know, but I’ve got a million things going on.

Basically Dauhaus and Moloch are f#cking awesome and we’re going to bring it to Avalanche to manage DAO operations.

Im not sure if i understand correctly. Firstly 10 DAO members will vote, and if vote passes, than community will vote again?

Dauhaus and Moloch are looking like a great tools to have.

I think it will evolve. I’m hoping we will determine some form of happy medium about what constitutes a community vote versus what does the buidling team have autonomy over.

It’s a hard problem to solve, so I’m not sure if we have an answer today