A good economic model determines the success or failure of the project

Only an effective economic model can play the greatest role, and the current release model is difficult to make the community confident.

  1. The community airdrop will end on 3.9 and the remaining part of the community airdrop will be assigned to the development team, which will be released daily for four years.
    Second, an effective initial release helps to quickly establish a low inflation rate expectation. Therefore, the economic model should be revised.
    Suggested model: Release 2.24 memories in 2021. Halved quarterly, that is, 1.28 memories in the second quarter, 0.64 memories in the third quarter, and 0.32 memories in the fourth quarter. In this way, inflation expectations will be reduced to 16.6% in the fourth quarter. Beginning in 2022, starting from the monthly release of 10 million, a monthly decrease of 10% (as an example, it can also be 8% or higher). The gradual reduction in inflation expectations can form a good positive feedback.
    On this basis, we then consider strengthening product improvement and optimization, so as to jointly promote the success of pangolin.
    The above model modifications and parameters are only suggestions and can be modified and discussed. But I think that expectation management is very important, and low inflation is the most important expectation.