1-click convert PNG reward not claim to PNG staking

Hi Pangolin team ! :v:

All peoples want to see PNG to the moon. PNG needs to be rare and precious, more and more, day after day.
For that, PNG staking is perfect. :crown:

Now it’s important to offer of user the best way to stake all new PNG.

Create one special “compound” button :arrow_right: :black_square_button: :arrow_right: :bank:

This button can be take the PNG reward not claim in ALL pool in 1-click and send that on PNG staking.

I think is really not easy to create that because this button need to do big number of transactions, but i think we must offer to our community the best way of easy. Especially on activities where the user creates our common wealth by his trust on PNG with his stake

PNG-AVAX-$GB :rocket:

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I would sugest to create Claim All button. Just claim, staking it then is easy.

With our new UI we will bring alot of new features that will improve both the DEX and the user experience :ok_hand:t3: